Learn About Anthony S Casey

Anthony S Casey is a successful businessman working in the financial sector, splitting his time between Singapore, Australia, Spain and the UK. Casey’s career has empowered him to travel the world, from his native United Kingdom to such beautiful locales as Tenerife in the Canary Islands and Ibiza, Spain. Before he was managing the finances of many high-end clients, Casey was a young entrepreneur looking to make his way after deferring his place at university. After working on a luxury yacht and spending time in the Caribbean and Miami, Casey realized that the rave music scene, what we refer to today as electric dance music, was growing at a staggering rate. Though his personal life was bringing him back to Europe, he was keenly aware of how big this dance music scene was becoming.

Anthony S Casey

Anthony S Casey

While in Germany, Casey was still hungry for travel, which took him to Ibiza, Spain. In Ibiza, Casey noticed the same music and style of club he saw in Miami drawing massive crowds. Ibiza is known as a party hot spot, but what Anthony S Casey was witnessing was the potential for a hugely profitable industry to work in. It was then that he and a business partner founded Raveco. Raveco facilitated the VIP experience for its clients. While that sort of service seems very standard by today’s standards, Casey and his partner were head of the curve in the 90’s when they were hatching their plans. Raveco provided VIP entry tickets and exclusive access to their clientele. Customers were able to skip the lengthy queues to enter the venues and were granted access to VIP lounges to mingle with celebrities, musicians, artists, and world famous DJs. Raveco grew extremely fast. A couple short years later, they were providing thousands of tickets every night to venues in five countries.

However, Anthony S Casey’s veracious appetite for success and experience was calling him elsewhere. In 1996, Casey sold his share of the company to his partner and returned home to the UK. Casey was now a young man in London with sizable liquid assets, looking for his next project. Intelligence and good instincts led Casey to begin investing in real estate. His first venture into real estate was buying luxury residential apartments in the Docklands area of the City of London. The London Docklands are in the east and southeast of the city and were once part of the Port of London — at one point, the largest port in the world. The shifting economy of London and it’s urban space has allowed for residential and commercial development, specifically the construction of many beautiful apartment spaces. These are what attracted Anthony S Casey to the area. Casey began renting the newly acquired river front apartments to City workers.

Anthony S Casey was just getting started. He next bought a property in Marbella, Spain. Marbella is located in the south of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. He bought the property initially as a holiday home, but began renting it out when his career took him to Singapore. Shortly after his arrival in Singapore, the SARS pandemic struck. Though many expats withdrew from the Asian nation, Casey was steadfast. The exodus of so many business people caused a sharp drop in the luxury real estate market and prices for apartments were extremely low. Casey gambled on the trend, maxed out his staff loans at the bank he was working for, and bought four residential units in the main residential districts of Singapore. He began renting the properties and as the market began to recover, he sold them off one by one. By now, Anthony S Casey’s personal life had been developing as well. He is married with a lively young son.

These changes informed his next decision. He used the proceeds from sale of the apartments to buy his first landed property, a house near the best school districts. Casey has never lost sight of what is really important, and is proud to have a beautiful home for his family.

Anthony S Casey is still active in real estate investment today. Recently, he has reinvested back in the prime central London market, with the intention of buying luxury developments off plan, directly from the developers and then selling again before completion. According to Anthony S Casey, investing in London real estate is still a smart venture. He is also intent on buying residential property in Perth, Australia (where he previously spent three months out of the year). Here, the Australian dollar falls and local property prices fall in line with the price of iron ore.

Anthony S Casey’s keen eye of opportunity and his financial tact make him a successful and confident investor.