Ajax Shares Fall 21% as Spurs Snatch Final Spot With Late Winner – Bloomberg | Anthony S Casey Singapore

Shares of AFC Ajax NV tumbled after the Dutch soccer team missed out on its first Champions League final since 1996 following an agonizing last-gasp defeat to England’s Tottenham Hotspur.

Brazilian Lucas Moura completed a sensational hat-trick in the ninety-sixth minute of play in Amsterdam to wipe out two first half Ajax goals and send the English Premier League side to the final by virtue of scoring more away goals, with the teams tied 3-3 across two games.

Ajax’s stock fell as much as 21% in early Amsterdam trading, erasing a rally of about the same amount that followed the team’s 1-0 win in London last week. Defeat cost the club at least an extra 15 million euros ($16.8 million) in prize money, equal to about 16% of its 2018 adjusted revenue.

But despite crashing out of the competition in the cruelest manner, Ajax shares remain up about 52% over the past year. In addition to an increased share of tournament revenue awarded by European governing body UEFA, the unexpected run to the semi-finals has put the side back among European soccer’s elite, which will likely give it added leverage when negotiating commercial deals with sponsors.

Stock pares recent gain as team misses out on Champions League final

It’s also fueled speculation of big transfer payments as other teams come scouting for Ajax’s young stars. FC Barcelona have already snapped up 21-year-old midfielder Frenkie de Jong for 75 million euros.

Tours rake in the cash but only stars benefit | Anthony S Casey Singapore

Ed Sheeran pulled in a record $432 million from concert sales as changes in the music industry help those at the top get richer
Ed Sheeran pulled in a record $432 million from concert sales as changes in the music industry help those at the top get richerIAN WEST/PA

A handful of pop stars are dominating global concert sales as never before, led by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

Their ascendancy is the latest evidence that changes in the music industry such as the rise of music-streaming services such as Spotify have benefited a small group. Almost two thirds of live music revenue is now made by 1 per cent of performers, a newly published analysis by the late Alan Krueger, a Princeton University economist who served two US presidents, has found.

Taylor Swift made $345 million from almost three million tickets soldSPLASH NEWS

In 2017 60 per cent of concert ticket revenue worldwide went to the top 1 per cent of performers. In 1982 the top 1 per cent took 26 per cent of the revenue. The top 5 per cent take 85 per cent of concert revenue worldwide, up from 62 per cent about three decades earlier.

Royalties from music sales have plummeted, forcing artists to focus on tours. Only the big stars, however, can charge significantly more for live shows than their predecessors.

Performers now typically make three quarters of their income from tours, compared with about 30 per cent in the 1980s and 1990s. The share of tickets sold by the big stars has remained fairly constant, James Reeves, Dr Krueger’s research assistant, told The Wall Street Journal. What has changed is their ability to leverage their appeal to secure higher prices.

For the first time last year the top ten grossing tours generated more than $2 billion between them.

The industry made $10.4 billion in total, according to Pollstar, a live events trade publication. Sheeran alone pulled in a record $432 million to top the list, selling almost five million concert tickets. Taylor Swift was second with $345 million from almost three million tickets sold, followed by Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, whose tour of North America and Europe pulled in $254 million.

The rest of the 2018 top ten was made up by P!nk, Bruno Mars, the Eagles, Justin Timberlake, Roger Waters, U2 and the Rolling Stones.

The Sunday Times Rich List 2019: Queen are wealthier than the Queen | Anthony S Casey Singapore

Freddie Mercury’s star power and the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic have seen the money roll in for Queen
Freddie Mercury’s star power and the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic have seen the money roll in for QueenILPO MUSTO/REX

It’s certainly a kind of magic. A golden year for the three surviving members of Queen means they are richer than the monarch herself.

The box-office success of the recent biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, has left Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon together sitting on a £445m fortune — so their combined wealth is for the first time larger than that of a rather different Queen.

While the old rockers continue to earn well — each adding an estimated £25m to their wealth this year — the same cannot be said of the 93-year-old monarch. Her wealth is thought to have flat-lined at £370m, according to The Sunday Times Rich List, which will be published next weekend.

The Queen topped the list for the first five years from 1989 to 1994, but the strict criteria used by the Rich List now excludes the Crown Estate and the royal art collection from her assets, on the grounds that she does not have control over them.

Queen’s lead guitarist and songwriter May, 71, and drummer Taylor, 69, served as consultants for the film about the life of the charismatic lead singer Freddie Mercury, who died at the age of 45 in 1991 from Aids-related pneumonia.

The film is within touching distance of taking $1bn in worldwide ticket sales.

Royalties from Queen’s vast back catalogue continue to roll in, with Bohemian Rhapsody recently named as the most streamed 20th-century song.

The success of the film, in which Rami Malek won the best actor Oscar and Bafta for his portrayal of Mercury, has only served to stimulate interest in the band’s music.

May’s wealth is put at £160m in this year’s Rich List, up from £135m in 2018. Taylor’s fortune rises from £130m to £155m.

Deacon, 67, who wrote the hit Another One Bites the Dust, is considered to be Queen’s “silent partner”.

The band’s bass guitarist, he was said by his PR man last year to be “living a private life” in Putney, southwest London.

His wealth is put at £130m, enough to put him back into the Rich List for the first time since 2006.

Thunder storm and SICC Golf Club | Anthony S Casey Singapore

Music Finance Note Is Born! We are featured on Bloomberg!

Rich Asians Turn to Music After Betting on Soccer Craze

Asia’s legions of wealthy investors are getting a chance to profit from the boom in music streaming as Spotify and its peers gain popularity.

Swiss-Asia Holding Pte, which previously marketed soccer-linked notes to clients, aims to raise $100 million for securities linked to royalties generated from song rights, according to Anthony S. Casey, investment manager for the Singapore-based company. Investors in the soccer product — notes backed by soccer clubs’ TV rights — are expected to switch to the new security now that the old ones have matured, he said.
The Music notes have already been bought by DBS Private Bank, Julius Baer Group Ltd. and Bank of Singapore for Asian clients. Even as rising interest rates present wealthy people with more options for investment, there’s still demand to diversify into alternative assets that aren’t correlated to broader market volatility.

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Coldplay Concert Experience 2017

Below, find some images and videos from a recent Coldplay concert! Incredible friends and music –I had a splendid time. The concert took place at the National Stadium in Singapore on March 31. The band played everything from ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ to ‘Yellow’ to ‘Clocks.’ In addition to playing an incredible concert, Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin confirmed his status as a good guy by visiting the KK Hospital during his trip.

Coldplay, Anthony S CaseyColdplay, Anthony S CaseyColdplay, Anthony S CaseyColdplay, Anthony S Casey

Singapore Yacht Show 2017

Anthony S Casey ❤️ big boats ⛵️so he and his friends were very grateful to spend the evening onboard the fastest superyacht of its kind, the 252ft Silverfast. She has a range of 6000 miles at 14 knots. The yacht arrived in Singapore after spending 3 months in the Maldives 😎.

Anthony S Casey was invited to attend the Singapore Yacht Show 2017. The VIP cocktail party on the M/U Silverfast took place on Friday, April 7 at the One ’15 Marina Sentosa Cove.

Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey

Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey Singapore Yacht Show 2017 | Anthony S Casey

Changi Naval Base, Singapore

I was invited to the Changi Naval Base in Singapore! The Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the United States of America and Commander, United States Third Fleet requested the pleasure of my company for a reception for the Carrier Strike Group ONE’s visit to Singapore on Tuesday, the fourth of April. Taking place at seven o’clock that evening onboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).

Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S CaseyChangi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Changi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S CaseyChangi Naval Base SIngapore | Anthony S Casey Anthony S Casey Singapore

Singapore Leading in Urban Innovation

Singapore Leading in Urban Innovation - Anthony S. CaseySingapore, located on the southern tip of peninsular Malaysia, was recently named one of the principal cities leading the way in urban innovation. This is due to Singapore’s distinctiveness as a region that’s able to blossom and endure, despite limited resources. Some of the other metropolitan included on this list are Medellín, Colombia; Houston, Texas; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Singapore managed to find it’s way to the top of this list due to their ability to manage extremely limited resources. Despite setbacks, Singapore has been able to effectively promote education, maintain a government that’s reasonably free of corruption, and supports business. With very few resources to their name, Singapore has managed to be a financial, transport, and global commerce hub. The technology-ready island city-state frequently depends on the neighboring country Malaysia for its water, and imports nearly all of their food.  Also, approximately 30 percent of their population consist of non-permanent residents to stimulate the economy.

Singapore looks to the sea and sky to meet its water needs. Rainwater is treated to produce drinking water and water for flushing the toilet. Also, the two desalination plants can churn out 100 million gallons of water each day, using rainwater. There’s an ambitious wastewater reuse system in Singapore, which uses ultraviolet light as a disinfectant and advanced membrane filters. Though public water is sanitized to the point of it being safe for public consumption, it’s reserved for industry and air conditioning.

The bustling city is roughly the same size of New York City, and it’s considered to be “a city innovating under constraint.” More than other cities, Singapore was able to make significant use of limited space, and they’ve initiated “congestion pricing,” where drivers are charged when commuting into the business district during the bustling rush hour. Local government cap the number of vehicles that can be registered, and satellite devices track driving distances and adjusts tolls based on traffic. Motorists tend to pay quite a bit for commuting, but many have learned how to alleviate the financial burden of owning a car by doing their maintenance, utilizing carpooling services, and enrolling in gas station memberships.

Singapore’s ability to innovate has made the state attractive to tourists and real estate experts.

Anthony S Casey: Football Finance Note in 2017

Football Finance Note ETI (FFN) provides its investors the opportunity to overcome barriers to entry and participate in short-term receivables sales and other football finance transactions with professional football clubs. There is ultimate recourse to the relevant football league or supervisory bodies secured by pre-

paid claims. FFN does this within the long established, non-cyclical sports industry, with a focus on football TV-broadcasting rights. Receivables sales deals, secured by pre-paid broadcasting rights are an attractive investment, with a compelling risk/return profile, adding yield and diversification to any portfolio within a broad asset allocation strategy. The investment manager targets an annual yield of 6% plus in USD, with tightly managed duration risk and minimal correlation to other asset classes. Always within professional sport, such as English and European football, the individual deal sizes are in the range of USD  0.5m to USD 20m, with a typical deal duration of 6 to 24 months. The investment team has a deal track record in excess of 10 years and a deep network within the relevant industry.

January 2017 began with a flurry of activity, given the 4-week ‘Transfer Window’ in the English League. A new record spend was achieved at GBP1.4b on EPL player transfers, with the other European Leagues closing the gap quickly. This should feed profitable deal flow through FFN with a number of clubs requesting funding.

We were presented with a rare short-term, high margin deal, but as we were almost fully invested (~84%), we activated our first ‘capital call’ request to our investors. At the time of writing the deal is now 90% subscribed and we expect to complete the transaction in February.

FFN documentation has now been translated into Mandarin, at the request of a Chinese bank and ongoing negotiations should prove fruitful for our expansion into China in 2017.

FFN continues to attract positive media attention given the uncorrelated returns generated, with strong support from the internal staff at Swiss-Asia, we are happy to receive investors from both the Wealth Management & Fund Management teams, creating good capital raising momentum, that our deal pipeline can now match.

We wish you a happy and prosperous year of the Rooster!