Ranking the World’s Best Real Estate Markets

A study recently published by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate has ranked the most attractive real estate markets in the world for foreign investment. The yearly survey conducted by AFIRE is a polling of principles and senior executives at global real estate investment firms. Members of AFIRE have an estimated $2 trillion in real estate assets.

Anthony S Casey

The United States is an attractive destination for international real estate investment (photo: Getty Images)

The results for 2014 indicate the broad appeal of properties in the United States. Three of the top six cities ranked were in the United States. New York City is once again number one, having been beaten by London in 2013. San Francisco and Houston are the other US cities on the list.

The United States was ranked the number one country with opportunity for capital appreciation, beating out Spain and the UK in the second and third position, respectively.

Granted, this organization focuses primarily on United States investment. In fact, inbound investment in the US is the common bond between all of it’s members, so take these results with a grain of salt. However, the results of this latest survey do indicate that the economy of the United States is continuing to rebound and offers stable investment opportunities. With the strength of the USD at an 11 year high, many foreign investors are taking notice.